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I have written 11 books (not counting this one). During my career, I have also written: 28 chapters16 academic journal articles; and maybe one gazillion op-eds and media commentary. There are other things I do, also. 

Misogyny Online: A Short (and Brutish) History looks at how we got from the utopian ideal of an "all welcome" cybersphere to one that so often shouts: "You appear to be using the internet as a vagina-lady-type-person. Thus we have no choice but to threaten chainsaw rape, anal massacre, and ALL CAPS EPIC DEATH LULZ MURDER."


The tl;dr of this book is #HowComeAllTheRapeThreats. Plus there is quite a bit of WTF-ing, SMDH-ing and icanteven-ing about things like "Tits or GTFO" and GamerGate.








who may not recognise the magnitude of the problems and their effects on people’ s lives. In particular, it should be read by those working in technology governance, platform designers, as well as policy-makers, lawmakers, and people working in law enforcement to ensure that cases such as those described in the book are dealt with sensitively and with the seriousness that they are due." 

Shaw, Francis. (2017). Information, Communication & Society, 20(12): 1783-1785.

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"Emma Jane is currently one of the most authoritative researchers on gendered digital harassment and its impacts, and her work on gendered cyberhate and digital citizenship is continuing to generate a great deal of impact internationally and in policy and regulatory settings. This short work provides a much needed, concise summary of what is at stake in this area.It is essential reading for those working in the field, but also for those