I have 15 years of teaching experience across three universities, and have taught everything from journalism to philosophy. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I taught mostly legacy media subjects such as news and feature writing. These days, I specialise in designing and teaching industry-transition, media entrepreneurship, media intrapreneurship and work-integrated learning subjects - often drawing on lean startup and design thinking approaches, as well as a new martial art I made up called jobseek-fu 

I also convene the six internship subjects offered in the School of the Arts & Media at UNSW, Sydney.

Subjects designed, convened, and/or taught


Collaboration with industry

I also have skillz (though not quite mad skillz) in video production, media presentation, and coding, which I use to - among other things - digitise content for blended and online delivery.

Students are mostly very happy about my teaching and courses, and sometimes even present me with bottles of Baileys Irish Cream at the end of semester. That said,  I did once get a comment on a student feedback form saying I was "too poignant". Needless to say, this both affected and moved my emotions.