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2012       Doctor of Philosophy, Media and Communications, UNSW Sydney

Examiner comments


“This thesis... exceeds the requirements for the award of the degree ... It shows mastery of the relevant literature; critical understanding of the theoretical, conceptual and analytical issues arising from this field of scholarship; and it makes an original and significant contribution to scholarship, both in the development of a novel conceptual framework and in the extensive collection of well-chosen evidential data and analysis.” - Distinguished Professor John Hartley


“This is an exemplary thesis... an excellent work of scholarship ... [which deploys]  a complex array of theory (including anthropology, philosophy, and psychology as well as media and cultural studies).” - Professor Sue Turnbull


“It was a pleasure to read this thesis. I don’t mean this as a casual aphorism but as a literal statement – I thoroughly enjoyed the two days I spent reading it. It is beautifully written and packed with primary evidence... Also, this thesis made me laugh out loud ... which, as far as I can remember, is a first.” – Professor Alan McKee


2007       Masters of Media Practice with Distinction

  • The Politics of Consultation (High Distinction)

  • The Politics of International Human Rights (High Distinction)

  • Gender, Media and Consumer Societies (High Distinction)

  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Media Practice (High Distinction)

  • Broadcast Production (High Distinction)

  • Communication in Professional Contexts (High Distinction)

  • Asia Pacific Politics (Distinction)