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selected highlights from 2017-2019 media interviews only

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2019 Online violence just as destructive as offline violence, UNSW Sydney Newsroom, November 25.

2019    Why is it OK to ban certain races from your online dating profile? The Sydney Morning Herald, February 6.

2019   Social media fame for young athletes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, UNSW Sydney Newsroom, May 30. 

2019    Women are still being targeted online 'at their weakest point', The Sydney Morning Herald, May 16.

2019    Online abuse of women in the media, The Saturday Paper, February 16-22.

2018    ‘Retro’ Barbie could send wrong message to young girls, says UNSW professor, news.com.au, November 16.


2018    How we can avoid another tragedy like Dolly, news.com.au, May 3.


2018   Married at First Sight's Davina devastated about 'death threats, abuse' after 'villain' portrayal, TABC News, March 8.


2017    Staring down the trolls: how cyberhate spills over into real life harassment, The Sydney Morning Herald, June 17.

2017    Abuse, trolling, threats: when using social media is part of your job, Triple J Hack, March 17.

2017    Stop using the word 'trolling' when you mean harassment and abuse, Mashaable Australia, January 9.