career highlights 

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  (since joining academia in 2011)

OK, so if you're reading this bit from outside whackademia, it's going to seem like a total boastymcboastfest. One of the less delightful dimensions of university life is having to constantly assemble lists like these in order to prove you're doing your job. This always leaves me feeling in dire need of an industrial-grade science shower, but fortunately the rest of the gig is pretty ace. 




•     4 peer-reviewed scholarly books (career total: 10)

•     16 peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles (15 sole-authored)

•     14 chapters (9 sole-authored) in peer-refereed publications (career               total: 26)

•     $387,016 research income for sole projects (career total: $479,016), 

       including Category 1 funding (ARC DECRA)

       funding, all for sole projects

•     810 scholarly citations since 2013 (783 for sole-authored work)

•     44 national and international talks and presentations (24 by invitation,           including 6 keynotes, career total: 87)

•     Winner of UNSW A&SS Dean’s Award for Achievements by an ECR               (2017) and Anne Dunn Scholar Award (2016)


Social engagement, global impact, leadership


•     Outstanding record of media engagement with 100 domestic and

       international media interviews given since 2014 alone

•     Regular provision of research-based essays for media outlets, with one

       2018 article on read 600,000 times

•     2 Sydney Opera House presentations - Festival of Dangerous Ideas

       (2015) and All About Women (2016)

•     Superb track record of leveraging industry and alumni contacts for


•     Commended by NSW Parliament, including record in Hansard, for

       organising and chairing major cyberhate conference

•     Collaborations with Greens Senator Dr Mehreen Faruqi and Liberal

       member Nicole Lawder to generate cyberhate solutions

•     Multiple global and national collaborations

•     Profound and demonstrated commitment to social justice, equality of           opportunity, and inclusive cultures across research, social engagement,

       and education




•     Established UNSW School of the Arts & Media internship program in

       2011 and personally placed 71 students on internships that year with 57


•     Convene portfolio of 8 Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) courses with

       outstanding graduate employment results

•     Faculty-leading deployment of digital pedagogy for digital delivery

       with superb qualitative feedback

•     Innovative articulation of research program with teaching

•     Innovative application of design thinking and lean start-up approaches