Thanks to having worked in the media since journalists used typewriters and smoked wholesome cigarettes at their desks, I have close ties with industry, and regularly arrange for high-profile representatives of the advertising, PR, and media sectors to come in to campus to participate in guest lectures, industry panels, and networking whatsits. In recent years, these special guests have included:

  • Osher Günsberg (television and radio personality, and podcaster)

  • Annabel Crabb (television host and writer)

  • Tim Duggan (Junkee media publisher)

  • Anne Davies (investigations editor, Nine-Fairfax);

  • Tim Burrowes  (founder and content director, Mumbrella)

  • Vivienne Kelly (editor, Mumbrella)

  • Linda Jaivin (author and translator)

(Despite receiving detailed maps and working compasses, some of these celebrities and CEOs wandered off the marked paths and became absorbed by UNSW's labyrinthine campus, never to be seen again. In future, we shall be taking the additional precaution of installing tracking devices.)

( ^_^)/ COLLABORATION with industry